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Janapaksham-People's Movement

Janapaksham is a not for profit organisation which believes that a better Kerala is possible.It is a young organisation,trying its best to make a difference wherever possible.We identify ourselves as a developmental NGO,where we the people, will unite for a common cause and implement things.As the first step, Janapaksham has identified Vizhinjam International Transhipment Hub as one crucial project which can solve kerala's unemployment problem almost completely.

When Vizhinjam International Transhipment Hub gets implemented it has the power to create 30 lakh jobs directly and indirectly.And that's exactly what our Kerala needs desperately.This is the only site in India where such a transhipment hub is possible as none of the ports have adequate depth to welcome motherships with open arms.Only VIZHINJAM can do this with its depth of almost 25m.Read more about Vizhinjam.
Vizhinjam is God's gift to God's Own Country.


Our Honourable Minister for Ports,Shri.M.V.Raghavan promising to implement Vizhinjam port before the expiry of this UDF government on October 31st,2004 at Vizhinjam in a program organised by Janapaksham.

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